Baritone / Euphonium

These instruments fill an important role in the modern band room, providing the ensemble with a full sound to support the rest of the instruments in the music. Its valves giving the larger instrument a dexterity that belies its size. An easy instrument to learn, the baritone's larger size is not the deterrent it used to be with today's materials. Meaning you do not need to be a body builder to carry around and play this instrument.

Euphonium and Kawai Piano

French Horn

French Horns bring to mind what is possible with music in elegant concert pieces. Its mellow tone and voice soar over the rest of the band, played to its fullest potential by the many beautiful solo pieces written for them ever since their creation. The aspiring musician who decides to take up the French Horn will find many opportunities awaiting them, as the instrument is much sought after. Band directors and colleges alike are always seeking more French Horn players, simply because there are not that many of them.

French horn and Kawai piano


Trombones are an unforgettable instrument, nearly iconic in its historic place within many big band and marching bands on parade. The unique slide that shapes the instrument is deceptively simplistic, and many complex pieces can be played with the trombone should the musician aspire to it. Or, as orchestras have often made use of, the trombone is an excellent instrument for long and soothing melodies as well.

Trombone and Kawai piano


Trumpets are an upbeat and lively instrument, their powerful voice giving many talented musicians the tools needed to lead the rest of the ensemble in many famous, and recognizable pieces. The popularity of the instrument is found in the many pieces written for it across all styles of music, and the trumpeter can find a spot for themselves on nearly any stage. Despite the broad scope of a trumpet's musical ability, it is surprisingly easy to learn, and thanks to its small size is also a convenient instrument to travel with and handle.

Trumpet on Kawai piano