Should You Enroll Your Child in Music Lessons?

There are a lot of tough decisions to make as a parent, especially when it comes to your child’s education. If you’re considering enrolling your child in music lessons, here are some of the benefits you should know about.

Improved Concentration

Many students have trouble focusing on school and other tedious tasks, but music lessons can help students improve their concentration. Learning to play an instrument takes a lot of concentration, and the skills students learn from learning to play an instrument carry over into other areas. For students who have trouble concentrating, extracurricular activities can be just the ticket.


Learning an instrument also requires a lot of memorization, so music classes can help students improve their memory skills. Having a strong memory is a valuable skill in so many areas of life, and music classes are a great way to build strong memorization skills from an early age.

Following Directions

Students who have trouble following directions in normal classes may be able to learn a thing or two from music lessons. Learning an instrument isn’t something you can really do on your own; most students need a lot of help and instruction to learn to play an instrument. As your student progresses through their music lessons, they’ll also get better at following directions.

Improvements in Math and Science

The parts of the brain that are strengthened by learning an instrument are related to science and math. Students aren’t going to suddenly become math geniuses because they learned to play an instrument, but learning an instrument can build foundational skills at a young age.

More Interest in School

Some students have difficulty focusing on school because they’re simply not interested. According to DoSomething, schools with music programs have a 90.2% graduation rate and 93.9% attendance rate, while schools without music programs sit at 72.9% and 84.9%, respectively. If your child isn’t engaged, learning an instrument at school can help them get more excited about school.

Parents have a lot of difficult decisions to make when it comes to the education of their children. The good news is that music lessons can benefit your child in several ways, from getting them more interested in school to building foundational skills. If you want to enroll your child in a school that offers music programs, contact Lane Music to learn more.

Explore Our ‘Top Floor’ at The Nashville Location

At Lane Music, we believe music stores are vital to an individual’s overall quality of life. According to PubMed, six weeks of music intervention helped to improve memory recall on the digit span test in children. Lane Music is a Music Store that is a space designed by musicians for musicians. We have three locations. Our Nashville location has an upper level called the “Top Floor.”

About the Top Floor

The Top Floor is a unique space above Lane Music Store in Nashville that offers a way to engage with music. We offer lessons on the first floor to help you get familiar with various instruments. While your child, friend, or loved one is learning, you can experience the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the Top Floor and try out our collection of guitars and basses. You can check out the Top Floor by visiting the location in Nashville or call to talk to one of our professionals to ask questions about what kind of lessons might suit you best.

The Origin of the Top Floor

Music stores offer you instruments to connect with, but not all offer lessons to help you get familiar with those instruments. Scott Lane, the owner of Lane Music wanted our Nashville location to be touched by musicians. He wanted to offer musicians the space they needed to thrive. The Top Floor offers space for our customers to try out all sorts of guitars and basses ranging from $199 to $15,000. It even has a pool table equipped with pool balls and cues if you are not interested in our instruments.

About the Creator

Todd “Toddzilla” Austin spent 25 years as a guitar specialist for a well-known music store in Nashville near music row. He has the experience needed to provide you with the best experience possible at his music store. He can build rapport with his customers in a way that helps build connections to last a lifetime.

Who May Benefit from the Top Floor

Anyone wishing to better themselves through a connection to music could benefit from the Top Floor. You should visit the Top Floor if you have been looking for a reason to pick up and try out your potential new musical instrument. Whether you are new to music lessons or you are already an experienced professional, there is sure to be something to benefit you at Lane Music.

More About Lane Music

Music stores are generally the best place to look for new instruments. However, Lane Music offers so much more. Get a unique experience if you stop by Lane Music and see what the Top Floor offers. You won’t regret making music a bigger part of your life.