3 Best Ways to Increase Your Musical Proclivity

Music has provided joy and entertainment to humans for centuries. Whether through singing or playing instruments, there’s a lot to gain from taking a music lesson or two. With the current percentage of adults in the U.S. that play an instrument at around 34%, according to ABRSM, many may be searching for ways to improve musical proclivity. If you’re one of those adults who wants to improve your musical talents, read on for a few ideas on how to do so.

1. Take Music Lessons

The easiest way to do so is, of course, with a music lesson. If you’re unsure about signing up for regular lessons just yet, try an initial workshop to get the feel for it. From there, you may be comfortable taking regular lessons. You can also contact a music teacher to see how they structure their classes.

2. Listen to Different Genres of Music

Most people have a favorite genre or sub they prefer to listen to. However, if you’re serious about expanding your musical talents, try to get an ear for different genres and styles. By opening up your mind and your ears to different music, you can easily learn more about performance, composition, and past performers you may not have heard of. By doing so, you may be giving yourself an informal music lesson. Certain genres, such as folk music, often provide more opportunities to collaborate with other musicians or start out playing in small bands to get your feet wet.

3. Talk to Other Musicians

Like any other profession or skill set, one of the best ways to gain knowledge and new techniques is to talk to others in the field. From other amateurs to professionals, you can get tons of advice and inspiration. They may be able to help you learn better techniques or easier ways to play your instrument. Frequenting a music store like Lane Music is a great place to find like-minded people.

When it comes to expanding your musical productivity, you have many ways to go about it. You can take a formal or informal music lesson by dealing with professional teachers or listening to other genres. Talk to other musicians and attend live shows. If you’re an adult interested in learning more about expanding your musical talents, contact Lane Music for a music lesson today.