3 Great Things to Expect From Your First Instrument Lesson

If you are learning to play an instrument for the first time, you may find yourself wondering what happens during the first instrument lesson. According to YouGov, about 66% of Americans have attempted to learn how to play a musical instrument at some time in their life. Here are a few of the things that you can expect to happen during your first lesson learning to play music.

1. Meeting the Instructor

During your first lesson, you will meet the instructor. They will let you know what they expect from you moving forward with lessons. They will tell you where to go when you arrive at their location and any particular time specifications to adhere to. These may include waiting until another student leaves before entering the studio or entering quietly and setting your instrument up while you wait.

2. Familiarizing Yourself With Your Instrument

Once the instructor has laid out their expectations for you and told you how the lessons are going to work, the next thing that you can expect to happen at your instrument lesson is familiarizing yourself with your instrument. The instructor will tell you the various parts that make up the instrument and what needs to be done to prepare your instrument to be played. This may include putting a reed on a clarinet or tightening the strings on your guitar.

3. Learning How to Hold and Briefly Play Your Instrument

After familiarizing yourself with your instrument, the instructor will take things a step further and ensure you know how to correctly hold your instrument. They may even go as far as to teach you how to play your instrument in its most simplistic form, such as strumming guitar strings or blowing into a flute. Chances are, this is where your lesson will end, and you may be given homework that includes continuing to familiarize yourself with your instrument while holding and caring for it correctly.

While it is quite common for individuals to want to learn how to play an instrument, not many people fully understand what happens during an instrument lesson. If you are attending your first lesson, you can bet that you will meet and communicate with the instructor, familiarize yourself with your new instrument, and learn how to properly hold and briefly play your instrument. If you are looking to learn how to play an instrument, let us help you. Reach out to Lane Music today to schedule a lesson.