3 Reasons Why the Piano is Such a Popular Instrument

There may be no comparison when it comes to the popularity of the piano. The piano is by far one of the, if not most, recognizable instruments out there. There have been dozens of classical pieces of music have been created using the piano. One of the greatest composers to have ever lived, Beethoven, used the piano to create the incredible piece Ode to Joy. We have to consider for a second, why is the piano so popular all these years? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible instrument and why people continue to enjoy listening to and playing it even to this day.

1. It’s Recognizable

As mentioned before, the piano is incredibly recognizable. We can all recognize the shape and sound of a piano. According to Hello Music Theory, the hulking piano contains up to 220 and 230 steel strings with each one holding around 168 tons of tension. We can all imagine the piano strings in our minds, the shapes of the keys, and the outline of the piano. We’ve sent in so many pieces of media over the past century. From movies to television, there has been a piano in tons of scenes and it’s easily recognizable. We could easily mistake a trumpet or a trombone depending on the note being played, but the sound a piano makes is easily recognizable.

2. It’s Easily Accessible

More often than not, you will find beginner piano players compared to those of a violin or a trombone. It can take a very long time for a beginner musician to be able to create something that sounds tangible on a violin. Learning the piano at the most fundamental level can be incredibly easy for a newcomer and they can find satisfaction in this. This is why piano rental services are more popular than others, due to the fact that beginners are more likely to seek out a piano rental for their own events than other instruments.

3. The Harmony

The piano has an advantage over other instruments in that it can play complete chords compared to that of other instruments. This gives the piano instantaneous appeal compared to that of a more complicated instrument. Creating harmony on a piano is something that the piano can do compared to that a tuba, which can only play one line of music at a time. The piano’s versatility and its ability to shape and compose what the user wants are unrivaled when it comes to raw musical creativity.

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