3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Professional Instrument Tuning

instrument tuning

Instrument tuning is necessary to ensure that your instrument performs exactly as it is designed. Instrument tuning is important for any stringed instrument. Professional tuning is an option you should consider. There are three reasons why professional tuning is the right choice.

Why Is Tuning Necessary?

Professional instrument tuning is necessary to ensure continued playability. This practice is important whether you are a professional musician or still in the learning stages. During the tune-up process, oil build-up and debris are cleared, which can impact the sound of your instrument.

Instruments are designed to project sound. Tuning the instrument ensures that the sound is not obstructed and the acoustics remain crystal clear. If your instrument is not performing as it should, it is time for professional tuning.

1. Protect Your Instrument

One of the most important reasons you should have your instruments tuned professionally is to protect your instrument from damage. According to Hello Music Theory, on average, a piano has 220-230 strings made of steel. Each string has 168 tons of tension. A lot can go wrong when tuning this instrument, but pianos are not the only instrument at risk of damage. All string instruments can benefit from professional attention.

Professional tuning ensures that your instrument is not damaged during the tuning process. Of course, a professional tuner has the skill set to ensure your instrument sounds better than ever.

2. Detecting Issues

Another key benefit of having your instruments professionally tuned is that the professional tuner can recognize potential problems with your instrument that you may not notice until it breaks. A professional tuner can recognize when minor repairs need to be made, saving you money.

Most professional tuners offer string replacement services and other necessary repairs. Early detection of issues can mean early interventions for cost savings.

3. Protect Your Investment

Professional instrument tuning can help preserve your instrument’s value and protect your investment. A professionally maintained instrument will hold value better than an instrument that is not professionally maintained.

Professional instrument tuning is an option every instrument owner should take advantage of. There are a lot of benefits you could miss out on if you don’t. Call today to schedule a professional to tune your instrument.