4 Tips to Help You Find the Right Instrument for You

Music can bring so much joy to your life. However, you don’t have to sit there and passively listen to it. With the right instrument rental, you can become an active participant and learn a new skill. Choosing the right instrument for you can be easier said than done, so here are some tips to find the right one for you.

1. Goals

What goals do you have in learning how to play an instrument? Is there a particular musical genre that speaks to you? Do you want to jam with a band or become a solo artist? Do you want to make money performing or sit back and have fun on occasion? If you dream of playing in a classical orchestra, you may want to focus on instruments such as violin, piano, or cello. However, if you aim to be a rock star, the drums or electric guitar should be your first choice.

2. Space

It’s no secret that some instruments take up a lot of space. There’s a big difference between carrying a violin versus a cello. If you prefer a wind instrument, a flute is much smaller than a tuba. If your house has room for a piano, you may find yourself performing classics from Mozart or Beethoven.

3. Technique

According to Hello Music Theory, a piano contains between 220 and 230 steel strings, and each one holds around 168 tons of tension. Hitting those piano keys in a precise formation requires loads of skill and fingerwork that can take years to master. If you want an instrument that doesn’t require such intense fingerwork, you may want to consider the drums or certain wind instruments that have fewer keys than a piano. No matter which you choose will bring you joy!

4. Time

When deciding on the right instrument rental, be honest about how much time you have to practice. According to Consordini, the violin is the hardest instrument to learn and master properly. If you want something you can learn quickly, the harmonica and ukulele are among the easiest ones to try. When you learn an instrument, you learn how to read music, which is like learning another language. Plus, if you schedule lessons, make sure they can fit into your schedule.

Learning how to play an instrument is a great experience for anyone. Be sure to take the time to find the right instrument for you, as it may change your life in ways you can’t imagine. For quality instrument rental, contact us for more information.