5 Reasons Your Child Should Sign Up for Band

Has your child shown an interest in music? Are you searching for an activity that they may enjoy? If so, it may be time to look into signing them up for band at school. When your child plays in band, they can gain several benefits they can take advantage of as they grow. That said, here are five reasons your child ought to get involved in their school band.

1. Improved Concentration

It’s no secret that kids and teenagers often have a short attention span. However, when they begin to partake in music lessons, they can concentrate better. According to Gitnux, 90% of surveyed music students report better concentration skills than their peers. After all, playing an instrument requires focusing on music sheets, hitting the right note, and keeping up with your bandmates.

2. Boosted Creativity

When your child can express creativity through music, they may transfer that to other areas of their life. Expressing themselves creatively will give them the opportunity to think outside the box, see the world differently, and find better ways to solve problems. Even if your child doesn’t become a professional musician one day, the skills and creativity they get from music can help in college and other career fields.

3. New Skills

Playing an instrument is a skill. When you utilize a band instrument rental, your child can master something they can be proud of. Even if they don’t become a master musician, they’ll gain confidence from the new skills they learn, such as the ability to read music and play an instrument they enjoy.

4. Alternative to Tech Devices

Thanks to laptops, smartphones, and gaming, kids have several devices to attach themselves to. If you don’t want your child to be over-reliant on a tech device to get through the day and socialize, let them play in band. If they fall in love with music, they may have less interest in watching TV or sitting and playing video games for hours. Band also allows your child to socialize with kids of their age group outside of their immediate circle of friends, which can help widen their perspectives and boost social skills.

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is a skill that kids can learn at a young age, and band is a great place for them to learn that skill, especially if they haven’t been involved in other team activities. Band practice is a group effort, and a band instrument rental can give your child the opportunity to work with other kids as they learn the same musical pieces and rely on each other to create the songs.

As you can see, there are many reasons why being in the school band is a good idea. From building a sense of teamwork to better concentration, music can help your child develop both cognitively and socially. Contact Lane Music today for more information about a band instrument rental.