Choosing the Perfect Rental Instrument for School Band Programs

Did you know schools with music programs have an over 90% graduation and attendance rate while those without such programs only have 72% graduation and 84.9% attendance, according to DoSomething? So, if a child has expressed interest in playing an instrument, it could benefit them in many ways. Here are some tips educators and parents can use in selecting the perfect instrument rentals.

Understand Types of Instruments

There are many instruments a young student can play. Instruments tend to fall into three main categories, such as string, wind, and percussion. Wind instruments include trumpets and saxophones and require good breath control. String instruments include the violin, guitar, and cello. Then there are percussion instruments such as the piano, drums, or chimes, in which you hit the instrument to produce a sound.

Consider Size

Students should consider the size of an instrument before making a decision. Some instruments, such as a flute, are tiny and light to carry around. If they fall in love with the sounds of the cello or tuba, they must prepare for how those instruments are harder to carry and take up more space.

Know the Level of Difficulty

Some instruments are harder to play than others, and age can be a factor. It may take years to fully master the piano. According to the Sloan School of Music, the oboe is one of the most difficult wind instruments for kids to master due to its complex fingering technique. So, if a school band consists of younger children, many wind instrument rentals may consist of clarinets, flutes, and trumpets.

Focus on Quality and Maintenance

When looking for the perfect instrument rentals, you should take the time to find a good quality instrument for the child to play. While there’s nothing wrong with buying a used instrument, check that it’s good quality and comes from a reputable renter or seller. As beginner music students learn to handle an instrument, they may be rough with it, so get them something sturdy.

Music can bring so much joy to a child. Being in the school band gives children a healthy and creative outlet to keep them busy outside classroom hours. In addition, it can enhance their interest in school and graduation rates. It’s imperative for educational programs and parents to support the musical interest of kids by investing in the best instrument rentals available. Contact our local team today to get instruments for your school band.