5 Perks of Starting Music Lessons Early in Life

Starting music lessons early in life has many perks parents can take advantage of. Studies have shown that introducing children to musical instruction at a young age can help them develop and grow emotionally, mentally, and socially. For example, according to PubMed, six weeks of music intervention helped improve memory recall on the digit span test in children. Read further to see how music can help your child early in life.

1. Increase Creativity

Playing a musical instrument allows children to express their creativity and explore different ideas. The child has new ways of expressing themselves and exploring new ways of thinking. As they reach higher levels of proficiency, young people can create unique and innovative pieces of music.

2. Enhance Cognitive Skills

Musical lessons involve memorization, coordination, and discipline to master the notes. According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, children who took music lessons showed improved verbal memory and spatial reasoning. As they practice musical instruments, their brains are engaged in problem-solving tasks such as memorizing notes and understanding rhythms.

3. Improve Social Skills

Learning a musical instrument can help children improve their social skills. Learning music often involves teamwork that shows children how to work with others towards a common goal. Young people may learn to cooperate and listen to each other while playing in an ensemble or band. Furthermore, playing in front of an audience can help children develop confidence and poise.

4. Boost Self-Esteem

Playing a musical instrument can also help young people boost their self-esteem. As they practice and improve their skills, children gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement which helps them feel more confident in their abilities. This newfound confidence can help kids be more independent, allowing them to take on new challenges and reach greater heights.

5. Enhance Language Skills

Music can help children learn how to structure language, as well as acquire a better understanding of grammar and pronunciation. Additionally, playing music may also help improve their reading skills since they must quickly read the notes on the score. As their vocabulary expands, so does their ability to express themselves both verbally and through music.

Music isn’t just for entertainment, but it also helps the early cognitive and social development of young children. By starting music lessons early in life, parents can give their kids a head start. Contact Lane Music about music instruction today.

Why Are More People Turning to Band Instrument Rental Services?

Learning music is one of the best investments a parent can make into their child’s lifelong personality. Music combines poetry, mathematics, and science into one activity, and makes all these fields fun and rewarding. Additionally, from a child’s point of view, making noise and feeling proud of what you created fosters confidence.

Why You Should Rent an Instrument

Compared to owning, band instrument rental is an inexpensive alternative. It can take more than five years for the cost of piano rental to add up to the cost of a new piano, making it a pocket-friendly option for families introducing their kids to music. Renting also protects you from being stuck if your child tries their hand at this new instrument and ultimately decides they want to attempt something different.

How to Choose the First Instrument for Your Child

According to Statista, the consumption of the audio medium has steadily increased since 2014, and children play a big part in that growth. The music they like to listen to is the music they’re going to want to play. The first step to playing their favorite music is to get them the right band instrument rental to do it with. There is one sure way to get your kids hooked on the lifetime of music offered by a well-chosen instrument; allow them to have a say in what they want to try. Let your child advocate their own wants, and work with them to figure out what path works best.

Why Playing an Instrument is Important to Your Overall Health

It almost seems too obvious to say, but music makes people happy. Recent research shows that playing music impacts every part of your brain. Exercising your brain and coordination gives you the benefits of serotonin, one of two primary mood-boosting neurotransmitters. Giving a child an instrument is equivalent to providing them with healthy emotional outlets

What Not to do With Your Instruments

When you have an instrument, it can feel like the sky is the proverbial limit. There are some things you do not want to do with a musical instrument. If you have a piano, a guitar, or another instrument made of wood, humidity can cause damage. So make sure to put your expensive musical instrument in a dry, clean environment. If you haven’t played in a while, it’s never a bad idea to get your instrument checked out before you put your fingers to the keys or lips to the mouthpiece.

Modern band instrument rental provides upcoming music enthusiasts with lasting personal growth opportunities. Piano makers like Paul A. Schmitt, horn builders like Yamaha and Conn-Selmer, and drum makers like Zildjian all have instruments to offer. Investing in your kids has never been easier, so give us a call today to see what we have to offer!

5 Qualities to Look for in a Piano Rental Business

A piano rental is a great option for homes and organizations. Choosing the right piano rental company is essential to ensure you get the best value. Here are five qualities you should look for in a piano rental company to indicate that you should do business with them.

1. A Wide Selection of Inventory

The right provider will offer a range of inventory. It would be best if you dealt with a vendor that offers a full suite of options. The more options that are available, the better it is for you. A vendor that can only offer a single option limits the possibility of finding exactly the type of piano you are hoping to find.

2. Fair Pricing

Many people and organizations choose a rental option to meet their needs because it is less expensive than buying a piano outright. The ideal vendor will have flexible payment options and offer a fair price point. The right piano rental plan will fit comfortably into your budget.

3. Added Value Services

Added value services can be the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. For example, will the company replace the piano at no expense to you if the piano breaks down? Does the company take responsibility for tuning the piano or maintaining it for long-term rentals? You must choose a company that offers added-value services to ensure you get the best value for your rental costs.

4. Flexible Terms

Choose a company that offers flexible terms. For example, do you plan on renting the piano for a special event and need a short-term rental, or do you need a longer agreement? The right company will be able to provide you with the terms you need.

5. A Commitment To Customer Care

It’s best if you choose a piano rental company with a reputation for satisfaction. Customer service is a critical part of your experience. A commitment to customer service is a must.

According to Statista, about 29,232 pianos were sold in 2021, and in 2020, 21,000 pianos were sold. However, many organizations and individuals choose to rent a piano. If you are in the latter group, choose a company like Lane Music that can provide you with the right support. Learn more about our piano rental today.

3 Reasons Why the Piano is Such a Popular Instrument

There may be no comparison when it comes to the popularity of the piano. The piano is by far one of the, if not most, recognizable instruments out there. There have been dozens of classical pieces of music have been created using the piano. One of the greatest composers to have ever lived, Beethoven, used the piano to create the incredible piece Ode to Joy. We have to consider for a second, why is the piano so popular all these years? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible instrument and why people continue to enjoy listening to and playing it even to this day.

1. It’s Recognizable

As mentioned before, the piano is incredibly recognizable. We can all recognize the shape and sound of a piano. According to Hello Music Theory, the hulking piano contains up to 220 and 230 steel strings with each one holding around 168 tons of tension. We can all imagine the piano strings in our minds, the shapes of the keys, and the outline of the piano. We’ve sent in so many pieces of media over the past century. From movies to television, there has been a piano in tons of scenes and it’s easily recognizable. We could easily mistake a trumpet or a trombone depending on the note being played, but the sound a piano makes is easily recognizable.

2. It’s Easily Accessible

More often than not, you will find beginner piano players compared to those of a violin or a trombone. It can take a very long time for a beginner musician to be able to create something that sounds tangible on a violin. Learning the piano at the most fundamental level can be incredibly easy for a newcomer and they can find satisfaction in this. This is why piano rental services are more popular than others, due to the fact that beginners are more likely to seek out a piano rental for their own events than other instruments.

3. The Harmony

The piano has an advantage over other instruments in that it can play complete chords compared to that of other instruments. This gives the piano instantaneous appeal compared to that of a more complicated instrument. Creating harmony on a piano is something that the piano can do compared to that a tuba, which can only play one line of music at a time. The piano’s versatility and its ability to shape and compose what the user wants are unrivaled when it comes to raw musical creativity.

Are you looking for a piano rental service for your next big event? The piano is always a sought-after musical option whenever it comes to parties, weddings, and ceremonies. Let us help you with your piano rental needs today. Contact us to inquire more about our piano rental services.