What Are the Different Kinds of Pianos You Can Rent?

The piano is a timeless instrument that remains a staple at many events. According to Statista, there were 29,326 pianos sold in 2021, with around 21 thousand acoustic pianos sold in the United States in 2020.

Grands and Baby Grands

Grand and baby grand pianos are popular rental options because these are typically some of the more expensive pianos. When somebody wants a piano that’s both functional and stylish, a grand piano makes a great addition to a stage or formal event. Grand pianos are also known for providing some of the best sounds you can get from a piano, which also makes them a popular choice for high-end and formal events.

Upright Pianos

If you’re looking for a piano for a concert or event that’s not a little more affordable than a grand piano, upright pianos are a good option. An upright piano is basically a less decorative version of a grand piano, which also makes them a good option if you’re having a pianist play outside. Upright pianos may not look as fancy as expensive grand pianos, but they’re a great option in many cases.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are the most modern piano rental option. The biggest downside to digital pianos is that they don’t have the classic look that grand and upright pianos have, which may make them a less popular option for formal events like weddings. However, digital pianos sound great and are reliable, plus you can connect them to modern audio equipment.

Concert Pianos

Concert pianos are basically the largest size of a grand piano, designed to provide powerful sound that can fill an entire room. These pianos are a popular choice for live performances, but they might not be the best fit if you’re tight on space. A concert piano offers all the benefits of a grand piano rental, only it’s designed to provide a fuller sound that really resonates.

Whether you’re putting together a wedding or renting a piano for a recital or concert event, choosing the right type of piano is important. There are several types of piano rentals that fit varying needs. If you’re looking to rent a piano for an upcoming concert or event, call Lane Music to learn more about our options.