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The applicant hereby consents to and authorizes Lane Music, Inc. investigation into the credit worthiness of the Applicant. Such consent and authorization is given with respect to any and all persons who may conduct an investigation of the Applicants credit worthiness on behalf of Lane Music, Inc., including independent contractors and credit agencies retained by Lane Music, Inc. for such purpose. Applicant grants such consent and authorization to Lane Music, Inc. for the period commencing as of the date of this application and terminating at the date set for the termination of the proposed rental/financing term. Applicant acknowledges that Lane Music, Inc. may conduct a credit investigation of Applicant at any time from the date herof up to the ending date. This applicant hereby waves any and all claims, past, present, or future which the applicant may have against Lane Music, inc. by reason of any credit investigation made pursuant to Applicant's consent and authorization herein given to Lane Music, Inc. Furthermore, the application will not be stored.